Tumor or oncological surgery


Dr. Van Hemelen takes great care in treating patients with this pathology and during his training he has paid extra attention to this field. During his education in East Grinstead, he acquired extra competencies in the treatment of head and neck oncology. In addition to the removal of the malicious lesion, dealing with the drainage areas (read:  neck glands) is very important. The reconstruction of the resulting defect requires a specialized approach: the right solution for the given problem. Within the group, Dr. Van Hemelen is Head and Neck Oncology Coordinator.


A structured approach is first discussed within the MOC study group (Dr. Verhoeven – Dr. Demey: AZ Klina, Brasschaat / Dr. Troch – Dr. Van de Putte: H. Hartziekenhuis, Lier / Dr. Verstraete – Dr. Rasschaert: AZ Monica, Antwerp) and will then be followed by a general policy plan (see Antwerp). For Dr. Van Hemelen it is paramount to always put the patient first. We will take great care of you! Patients with this pathology will have priority when making an appointment because the care they need might be urgent. Our patients will have access to these services via a separate circuit, if necessary on a day’s notice!