Jaw Surgery



This brochure provides you with information concerning combined treatments to improve the position of the jaw and teeth. A combined treatment consists of orthodontics and surgery.



Although an unbalanced jaw can have an unpleasant aesthetic effect,  it is primarily treated for  medical and functional reasons. Jaw osteotomy is not an aesthetic surgery.


An unbalanced position of the jaw and teeth may have a negative effect on normal jaw functionality. The most common complaint is pain in the jaws, the jaw joints and the teeth. The inability to chew properly and difficulties to maintain oral hygiene (brushing, flossing) can have dire consequences such as early tooth loss due to too much pressure or a narrowed upper airway leading to snoring. Swallowing problems and speech difficulties are further examples of complaints. Treating these problems helps to preserve the chewing functionality in the long run. The positive effect of these treatments on the patient’s appearance is literally and figuratively a welcome bonus and can be partially predicted in the planning. A person’s appearance and his or her jaw balance are inextricably linked.